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1 lives in Alabama (USA)
1 lives in Alaska (USA)
9 live in Arizona (USA)
1 lives in Arkansas (USA)
11 live in Armed Forces Europe (USA)
3 live in Armed Forces Pacific (USA)
35 live in California (USA)
14 live in Colorado (USA)
2 live in Connecticut (USA)
9 live in District Of Columbia (USA)
31 live in Florida (USA)
5 live in Georgia (USA)
3 live in Hawaii (USA)
1 lives in Idaho (USA)
4 live in Illinois (USA)
5 live in Indiana (USA)
1 lives in Iowa (USA)
2 live in Kansas (USA)
5 live in Kentucky (USA)
2 live in Louisiana (USA)
2 live in Maine (USA)
46 live in Maryland (USA)
10 live in Massachusetts (USA)
2 live in Michigan (USA)
4 live in Minnesota (USA)
2 live in Missouri (USA)
1 lives in Montana (USA)
1 lives in Nebraska (USA)
6 live in Nevada (USA)
2 live in New Hampshire (USA)
4 live in New Jersey (USA)
6 live in New Mexico (USA)
14 live in New York (USA)
7 live in North Carolina (USA)
1 lives in North Dakota (USA)
5 live in Ohio (USA)
11 live in Oregon (USA)
11 live in Pennsylvania (USA)
3 live in South Carolina (USA)
3 live in Tennessee (USA)
25 live in Texas (USA)
4 live in Utah (USA)
1 lives in Virgin Islands (USA)
29 live in Virginia (USA)
14 live in Washington (USA)
5 live in West Virginia (USA)
5 live in Wisconsin (USA)
42 live in Baden-Württemberg
7 live in Bavaria
11 live in Hesse
5 live in North Rhine-Westphalia
7 live in Rhineland-Palatinate
369 live in USA
1 lives in Albania
3 live in Belgium
1 lives in Bulgaria
1 lives in Czech Republic
1 lives in Ecuador
3 live in France
72 live in Germany
1 lives in Gibraltar
4 live in Greece
1 lives in Ireland
3 live in Italy
5 live in Japan
2 live in Korea
1 lives in Lithuania
1 lives in Mexico
1 lives in Netherlands
1 lives in Philippines
1 lives in Poland
1 lives in Portugal
1 lives in Spain
2 live in Switzerland
10 live in Thailand
1 lives in United Arab Emirates
7 live in United Kingdom
82 location unknown


•   William Warner  10/19
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Know the email address of a missing Colleague? Click here to contact them!


Welcome to, a website of the Overseas Marylanders Association (OMA).  The organization welcomes former faculty and staff of UMUC’s Overseas Divisions and civilian international programs. The European Division opened on U.S. military bases in Europe in 1949, and it was followed by the Asian and Atlantic Divisions in the mid-1950s. Civilian international programs include UMUC's former Munich/Augsburg/Mannheim Campus, Schwäbisch Gmünd Campus, UMUC Malaysia, the Russian Programs in Irkutsk and Vladivostok, and the International Business and Management Institute, Tokyo.  OMA is not affiliated with UMUC though we remain proud of the opportunities it provided overseas service members and our part in this valuable work.



The finalized details of the OMA Heidelberg Gathering on 25-26 October are now available. Linda O'Reilly, Larry Arnoldy, and Joe Arden are organizers of the Gathering and have included pertinent information regarding registration, event schedule, accomadations, and costs.

In 32 Years Overseas, Holowenzak Served Students and Community

The UMGC website's Global Media Center recently posted an interesting article about one of our OMA colleagues, Stephen Holowenzak.




We had a wonderful Gathering in Adelphi -- what a blast!  Several good things came out of it.  

One is, Julian Jones announced that two anonymous OMA members have challenged our organization by pledging up to $10,000 to our Joe Arden Scholarship Fund, if others, collectively, match up to that amount.

UMUC/UMGC has agreed to manage the donations for us. Your donation will be treated as confidential. The point is to obtain additional donations sufficient to ensure that we are able access the full $10K Matching Grant. All donations go into the endowment fund, which will start paying out scholarships when a $25K threshold is reached. I would guess we're within $10K of that, so this Challenge will put us over the line.

Donations are Tax Deductible and may be made by credit card. You will get an official thank you letter from UMUC to be used at tax time.

If you are willing and able to make a donation, please contact UMUC/UMGC at:

When you go to that page, scroll down, you’ll see the Joe Arden Overseas Marylanders Endowed Scholarship, and where you input the amount of your donation.

The deadline for taking advantage of this Challenge Grant is December 31, 2019. Of course, you may make a donation after that date, but the idea is to take full advantage of the Matching Grant. 

Thanks for giving this opportunity some thought. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me.
Tom Hale
OMA Chair


Here is the link to pictures taken by the UMGC photographer during the June OMA Gathering in Adelphi.



Maryland Governor Larry Hogan Signs Legislation Rebranding UMUC, America’s Largest Online Public University, Eff...

Joe Arden Overseas Marylanders Association Scholarships

The Overseas Marylanders Association (OMA) brings together faculty and staff who served in UMUC’s worldwide overseas program since its 1949 founding on U.S. military installations in occupied Germany.  In April 2016 OMA members established the Overseas Marylanders Association Scholarships to offset educational costs for active duty students and family members deployed abroad.  In October 2016, at a large OMA meeting in Heidelberg, Germany, a group of participants suggested naming these scholarships in honor of the highly respected and long-serving overseas director, Dr. Joseph J. Arden.
Joe Arden devoted his career to Maryland overseas and touched positively the lives of countless students, faculty and staff.  His service with University of Maryland University College spanned four decades, beginning 1967 in the midst of the Vietnam War.  Following eight years as a government and history lecturer in Asia and Europe and as the Benelux, Mediterranean, Middle East, and North Africa Area Director, Joe was appointed Director of UMUC’s Far East Division.  Over the next 32 years he not only became the longest serving overseas director (Far East Division 1975-81, European Division 1981-96, Asian Division 1996-2007) in UMUC history but also one of its most esteemed. 
Joe’s commitment to maintaining high academic standards by employing outstanding faculty members and providing full support for their teaching regardless of how large, small or remote the location kept UMUC at the forefront of overseas voluntary educational programs for the U.S. Military.  In 2001, educational leaders from universities across America honored Joe by inducting him into the International Adult and Continuing Education Hall of Fame.
Making a gift to support the Joe Arden Scholarship Fund is easy.  To make a gift by credit card, follow the link and scroll down a few lines to OMA Scholarships.  If you’d like to give by check, transfer of appreciated securities or discuss charitable gift annuities that return around 6% equivalent annual income, please contact Cathy Sweet at Gifts are tax deductible.


Interesting article published in Inside Higher Ed regarding an upcoming name change for UMUC and its new goal of growing nationally.

"Over There" Documentary Wins Awards and "Over There" Extra Interviews

The Television, Internet and Video Association (TIVA) of Washington, DC held it's annual Peer Awards ceremony recently and "Over There" won the Gold Award for script-writing and the Bronze Award for documentary!  I'm pretty sure the people who were interviewed provided their own script, and the rest of us are implicated in the Bronze Award. It's quite an honor.
UMUC also sent us a link for additional interviews from OMA members (and others) which were not used in the documentary, but still, they are very interesting, and are about us.  Click here to view the entire documentary. And click here to view the additional interviews.
You're sure to enjoy both.  

That is all.
Tom Hale
Chair, OMA

See the Overseas Program’s New Documentary Film
You can now view Over There: The Adventures of Maryland’s Traveling Faculty by following the link to  Maryland Public Television showed the film in April 2018, and the link takes you to its site.  We understand the link will be available for at least a year.  OMA members played central roles in conceiving and shaping the film, and many contributed to its content through their interviews.  We are told that the film may be shown on other public tv stations around the country, but you can enjoy it online before any showing in your area.

“Over There” on Maryland Public Television in April, by Gil Klein

Documentary about the History of UMUC’s Overseas Traveling Faculty to Air on Maryland Public Television April 15 and April 18 University of Maryland University College’s (UMUC) rich history of globetrotting professors came to life recently with the private screening of a documentary that follows the university’s seven-decade mission of educating military personnel stationed overseas. Entitled [read the rest of this article]

OMA Membership Outreach
Please Keep Spreading the Word!

As you probably know, the number of OMA members has been growing but not as fast as we would hope. Our current active membership of nearly 400 represents only a small portion of the many who worked with UMUC’s Asian or European Division or on one of the international campuses. We want to grow our membership to make OMA an even larger and more diverse community of people who shared the exciting experience of bringing outstanding university programs overseas.

What you may not know is that 'word-of-mouth' is the only way OMA can spread word of its existence. UMUC, with which OMA is not directly affiliated, cannot legally provide us with its contact lists of former overseas faculty and staff.

But ‘word-of-mouth’ has worked extremely well. Our experience is that when former overseas Marylanders hear about OMA they are almost always keen to become members. Each current member is likely aware of at least two or three former overseas faculty/staff have not yet joined OMA. Thus, we urge that each of us reach out to these former colleagues, inform them about OMA, encourage them to join and point them to our website, We are confident that if we make this appeal it will significantly swell our ranks.

If you have other suggestions with regard to informing folks of the existence of OMA, please let us know. In the meantime, use your social media and other sleuthing skills to find at least 3 (three) of your former overseas colleagues and encourage them to join!

Thanks a lot.

Tom Hale, OMA Chair
Joe Arden
John Golembe
Paula Harbecke
Rosemary Hoffmann
Julian Jones,
Bill Keller
Doug Lemmon

UMUC’s 70th Anniversary Web Pages 

OMA members will be interested in sections containing historical photographs, video links to interviews with faculty and staff who recall their overseas experience, an historical time line by decade and a preview of the documentary film on overseas programs now under production.  You will find all this at